Darkness descending, The morning light ending.
Deep black clouds looming over, no point in screaming, no need to bother.

Nobody there to hear my cries, Nobody to wipe away tears from my soulless eyes.
Drop after drop of bitter cold rain, Falls down my face, twisted with pain.

Deafening silence all around, My shell of existence, broken and bound.
Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken, The demon inside me stirs, desperate to be awoken.

The heavy clouds too thick to see the moon, Closer and closer they get, sealing me in my tomb.
Pieces of red glass lay shattered on the ground, Like a jigsaw puzzle of my heart, waiting to be found.

Torn and twisted laying on the floor, Watching and waiting, but nothing comes through the door.
Total blackness envelopes my skin, The Reaper is coming, I know it’s him.


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