My Bloody Freak Show

Days and nights go by, i ponder, I wonder.
Why are we here? Why do i even bother?

Watching and waiting, time passes, people come, people go,
This isn’t real life, it’s a bloody freak show!

I find no absolution in what you say to me,
I show no interest or emotion in what my eyes see.

I sit and watch the world passing me by,
I sit and watch as the clouds pass over in the sky.

Is there a reason for the never ending despair?
We eat, sleep, work and breathe in the lifeless air.

What is the point in moving from this spot?
I, like you are just an insignificant dot.

We eat to live and we live to die,
So what is the point in attempting to try!

You call me a freak because i say what i see,
But in this worthless reality, you are all just like me.

You all hide behind the lies, that’s always been your way,
But me, I see it all in shades of grey.

I can grasp the concept of reality much more than you,
I am not afraid to see that it’s all the lies and deceit that are true.

So carry on with your circus life of being self absorbed and fake,
I will be the one that laughs when you’re pathetic existence begins to ache.

When the cracks in your desperate and pitiable world start to show,
I will stand up and welcome you to my Bloody Freak Show.


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