My Dark Seducer

Lying here, i wait for you,
The darkness is here, the sky no longer blue.

My naked body awaits you’re touch,
Don’t keep me waiting, I beg its too much.

A cool hand traces over me,
My eyes shut tight, I cannot see.

My senses are on fire,
For i cannot contain my desire.

Your hand so cool on my naked skin,
As you go higher, your sure to win.

Our lips meet and i can taste you,
My sweet dark seducer, it must be you.

I open my eyes to see such a site,
A sharp sexual pain i receive from your bite.

Throbbing and singing is the blood in my vein,
Lying here seduced for you to drain.

Give in to me, my sexual desire,
For you are my one and only Vampire.


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