Reality or Fantasy?

We live in a world of reality surrounded by the clouds of fantasy from books to movies. Fantasy allows us to escape the mundane things in life that we live, breathe and eat. But can we have both? Is there ever one without the other? As a writer, I live essentially in both worlds. I live in reality but I write for fantasy. For me, fantasy is a world of escape but also a goal to aim for in the hopes that one day, I can achieve a piece of my fantasy.

Each of our worlds are unique to us as individuals, and the same goes for our fantasies. We know that some fantasies are achievable but to what extent? And if you chase that never ending dream for long enough, does it come to the point where it is almost a delusion?

We go through life, living, breathing and reaching. Some of us have hurdles that we need to climb over and sometimes those hurdles can be mountains, but each time we pick ourselves up should we categorise them into goals of fantasy? Or are they just simply, life events that we must endure to get through?

Some believe that our lives are pre-mapped out for us, but I like to think that I make my own choices towards my own paths in life. My paths have lead me down some wrong turns and some dead ends, but the paths I choose now I hope will lead me to part of my fantasy. Is this my delusion? Am I deluded to think that I can grab onto a fantasy? Should we as a curious race of ever upgrading humans, settle for just what we have? Or should we keep striving to achieve our desires? Without one, is there another?

Fantasy and reality, they are all around us. But does it come to a point where fantasy has no place in our world? Are we always trying to achieve something that always seems out of reach? The old saying “When life gives you lemons”, do you think along the same lines or do you settle?

There may be aspects of my fantasies that some might say are unachievable but is that really for anyone else to comment on?  Take our celebrity crushes for example, famous people live in an almost fantasy world as we look in from outside, but at one point they had fantasies too. Celebrities are part of most peoples fantasies so is this achievable or to think of us with a celebrity are we setting ourselves up for a self-made delusion?


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