Silenced by Light, Awakened by Night

Cold droplets of rain fall on the dusty marble floor,
Rust and endless time have fused the hinges on the old iron door.

Decaying cracks in the roof tease me with the world outside,
Locked away in my eternal sanctuary, this is where i hide.

Cobwebs and spiders decorate the corners of my tomb,
Just me and my shadow living in this lonely damp room.

Through the cracks in the walls i watch people come and people go,
I see all the seasons, from the spring sun to the winter snow.

But watching and waiting is all i can do,
Time moves much slower for me than it does for you.

Silenced by light,
Awakened by night.

We all end up here, the good and the bad,
We all move on from the life we once had.

But it isn’t as simple as being black and white,
There are things in both our worlds that tend to bite.

But choose your path wisely as the light is not always the good,
There is much to consider not just what you want and what you should.

Even if you choose to lie buried in the ground,
Make no mistake, you will be found.


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