The mirror of truth.

I can’t be that happy girl that you want me to be,
I sometimes wonder if you even know me.

You walk in my shoes every day and night,
Yet i think you wish i was out of sight.

I get it, i do, i understand,
This whole situation will get out of hand.

But when you look at me with that pitiable look,
It feels like you hit me with a killer right hook.

I am what i am, i have always been that way,
I won’t change myself, no matter what you say.

What you see is what you get,
So stop trying to torture me like your own little pet.

My eyes tell the stories of a suffering soul,
The things in my life are taking it’s toll.

The constant feeling of being stuck in a trance,
Leave me wondering if i ever had a chance.

You stand there staring back at me,
Even when i scream at you that i want to be free.

Is it asking so much for you to be there,
When i need you to listen, when i have things to share.

Whether i sit and cry, or cry and stand,
You may always be there, but never once held my hand.

What i wouldn’t give for a few little cuddles,
Just to stop the tears from forming sad little puddles.

My inner struggle makes me want to run and hide,
Each day i see you, i die a little more inside.

Incessantly screaming to get your attention,
But you can’t answer back as your just my reflection.


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