Do our dreams hold messages or answers for us?

After a restless night of strange dreams, to which i can only remember one of them, i decided to investigate.

Google, the fountain of modern day knowledge! Our dreams can be interpreted by what we see in our dream and what we experience. The question of whether dreams actually have a physiological, biological or psychological function has yet to be answered, despite our constant need for answers.

Dreams are linked to our memories and or day to day events. Even though scientists cannot actually link them to a biological or physical need, there is still that air of mystery as to why we dream?

And good old Google can help to find a solution or at least the interpretation behind our dreams. When you research your dream, you will find so many different sites and on top of the fact that you have to attempt to find the meaning behind each part of your dream.

For example; my dream night involved my celebrity crush coming into my old workplace and handing me a baby kangaroo! Yep, defo a strange one to say the least, but bar far, not my weirdest. The celebrity who shall not be named, acted like he had known me for years. But this baby kangaroo would not leave me alone when he gave it to me. The celebrity and the kangaroo walked around with me as i helped customers before he gave me a kiss and told me he would see me back at home (the celeb, not the kangaroo).

So, today, i decided to look it up and find out what this all meant. We all have dreams about our celebrity crushes in a variety of ways, but this was an unusual one, even for me. After scanning a few different sites i came to find that apparently i have similar characteristics to the celebrity that could link us in some mystical way (i have no complaints) and that him giving me the gift of the baby kangaroo represents my maternal instincts and his need for paternal ones.

There were a few more details about old workplaces and the need to move on from the past, but it got me thinking, about why i needed to know the meanings behind it?

Did i need to know the meaning purely because it was a strange dream, or did i have a need to know why?

People research their dream meanings all the time, it is our natural curiosity taking over. But at the same time, when we find the meaning, do we over think its place in our lives? Do we then use what we have learnt from the dream to adapt or place into our lives and hope that what it means, we will eventually achieve?

If a dream tells us that we need to adapt in some way to achieve a goal, do we take it on board or shrug it off and carry on?

What will i take from my dream? That is a question that i am not sure i can answer, just yet. 


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