Hand-brake on, anchors down, calling time.

When is it time to call last orders on your dreams? Some people have the view that you should never give up on your dreams and keep fighting through everything to achieve them, but is there a point where you have to say “enough is enough”?

We face hurdles every day in life in general, and when it involves our dreams, it magnifies the heights you have to jump. But how many times can you jump? How high do you have to climb in order to get where you need to be? Everyone will have their limit to what they think they can no longer take any further set backs or curve balls, but how do we as individuals with dreams, make that decision? What determines the line that we cannot cross?

I am not sure where my line is, but after a night of way too much unnecessary emotional turmoil, to which I am confident I over-dramatized slightly, i questioned whether or not i should consider accepting life for what it was or try to keep fighting to reach my goals. I let a comment get into my head and ransack my mind. The end result was not a good one.

Needless to say that i usually considered myself to be robotic and almost machine like when it came to emotions etc, but my reality check came last night when i unfortunately realised that i am human!

Yep, it was a shock to my system indeed. But for a few unfortunate hours last night i let my barriers down and allowed myself to feel. It was uncomfortable to say the least but it left me wondering if there was any point in aiming for my dream any longer.

At my age (don’t bother asking) i questioned if perhaps i left my chance at a dream, too late in life to allow it to go anywhere.

Is there an age restriction on our dreams?

Should i be shaking myself into reality and accept that it isn’t going to happen for me? or should i be trying to gather more energy to keep on fighting for what i have always wanted?

Today, i feel lost, numb and all over the place. Maybe this is just another hurdle that i need to get over. But the question is till hanging in the air, when is it time to stop trying?

The fire will always burn, but when the fire dims and all that is left is the decaying embers that once danced as glowing flames, is it time to give life to the dance or put it out and watch it reduce itself to nothing but smoke?

How hard do you have to fight to get close to your dream?


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