Poetry, Reflection, Writing

Decaying dreams

You mentally torment the life I once had,

My internal system struggles between good and bad.

You covet my dreams to manipulate my fears,

I wake up shaken in a midst of constant tears,

The end is in sight but never near by,

No matter how hard I push or how hard I try.

The pain never leaves, only gains in control,

My existence is fading from the life that you stole.

I am broken beyond the point of repair,

This shell of a life is lying bound and bare.

Why did you seek me out?

Why hunt me down from the beginning and throughout?

You came for me to be a pawn in your game,

Instead you see me as our own personal shame.

I begged you to let me go, to let me be free,

But my life was yours, only mine for a fee.

But the price you ask I cannot give,

You demand too much for me to forgive.

You took my life, my heart and soul,

In replace for death, emptiness and control.

The blackness echoes from the sounds of screams,

But those that dwell in wait are creeping in my dreams.

Is it asking too much for a short reprieve?

Just a small chance to see and breathe.

My world is an endless torment of broken wishes and decaying dreams,

I have been ripped apart and torn at life’s seams.

I see no way other than yours,

You constantly ignore my ghostly implores.

The simple pleasures of life were refused,

You found your target, hunted me and pursued.

I have nothing left of anything I own,

From the hair on my head to deep under my skin to the bone.

I wait in vain for a slither of peace,

To close my eyes and the pain to cease.

The end is not near or even in sight,

I have nothing left, no more need to fight.


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