Escape in my bubble

Sometimes I just want to be left alone,

To sit and think in a room on my own.

Is it so much to ask for some peace and quiet,

Personally I think that everyone should try it.

Just me in a dark room lying on my bed,

Thinking about everything or nothing flying around in my head.

Sometimes i sit in the middle of the floor,

Hoping that nobody comes in through the door.

The blackness of the room is all around,

Only my breathing makes a sound.

I like to escape and get away,

From all crap and hassle i get each day.

I need to get away from the day to day things,

I would fly far away if i only had wings.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not clinically depressed,

I have no deep rooted feelings that i keep suppressed.

I just take a time out from the reality of life,

So I can chill out and relax with no worries or strife.

I wrap myself up in my own little fantasy bubble,

Enveloped by my imagination to keep me out of trouble.

I can be anyone or go anywhere I choose,

It’s a world of possibilities where I cannot lose.

I won’t be away long, I’ll be back soon,

After all I’m only in my room.


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