Playing with the Grim Reaper

Whispering shadows floating all around,

Blood splattered glass lay shattered on the ground.

Cold, damp and wet, and so very alone,

Bound and shackled to Death’s boned throne.

Demons dancing all over the walls,

Blood curdling screams coming from the haunting halls.

Forgotten and unwanted, and left to die,

No tears left in my eyes for me too cry.

Rusted iron shackles piercing deep in my skin,

I played Death’s game, but i didn’t win.

He is my master, my keeper and my lover all in one,

There is no point in fighting it, i give up, he has won.

The darkened abyss of his immortal heart,

Has merged into mine so we cannot part.

I am faithfully bound to my immortal keeper,

I am in love with Death, The Grim Reaper.


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