Everyday mum

Listening to the howls of storm Henry outside has been the highlight of my day. After a night fighting with my blocked nose and sore throat, I resigned myself to live under a constant cover of fatigue and congestion.

While my kids kept themselves entertained with dinosaurs and minecraft, I have coupled up with the cushions and blankets on the couch by the window watching the world pass by, or blow by would be adequately put. Storm Henry has been battering his weight around and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.

As typical of this time of year, I have fallen victim to the latest strain of the common cold. Total blockage of the nose, pounding headache and a sore throat to add into the growing list of ailments.  But despite my need to hug a hot water bottle and watch 90210 re-runs, I am still a mother and that can’t stop just because I look like an extra from a B-rate zombie movie.

So, breakfast was fairly successful. By which I mean, I didn’t sneeze or cough all over it. But after all but crawling back to the comfort of my dwellings on the couch,  I decided that I couldn’t even pick up a dish cloth let alone do laps around the house with a hoover.

The kids were happy to play while I watched mediocre tv and tried to not look like that strangely disturbing board game where kids pull green snot from the game – head nose. Hankies and pices of toilet roll were to be my luxury items throughout the rest of my day.

Why is it that whenever we are unwell, tv seems to be unwell too? I flicked through pages of Netflix and Now TV in order to find something that resembled a movie that would make this awful cold – filled day slightly bearable but I was struggling. I watched my 90210 re-runs and I managed to find a Keanu Reeves movie which made me feel better considering he is very enjoyable to watch,  but when he vanished from my vision I was left with a choice of bad US sitcoms and a collection of horror movies that should be placed into the comedy section or placed in a museum.
So, 6 lemsips later and a few paracetamol, I still feel crap. But the kids have been great and endured my snails – pace movement when needed to give them refreshments etc.

The sniffling has begun which doesn’t do anything to help the congestion. If anything it makes the headache ten times worse.

But it has been entertaining to watch people battle their way home while storm Henry tries to blow us off the map. I am still cuddling the couch and enduring rubbish tv. Maybe tonight I will be permitted some sleep or be blown away by Henry, either way, I wait in vain to see what tomorrow brings.