Where do you turn?

“Tarot cards,
Gems and stones,
Believing all that shit is gonna heal your soul.
We’ll it’s not”

A quote from “six degrees of separation” by The Script

This got me thinking about the levels that we go to in order to get the answers to our burning questions. When life throws you a curve ball and you need answers, where do you turn? Faith? Science? Religion? Do they have the answers we seek or just the information to tide us over and keep us distracted long enough that another curve ball or hurdle shows up!

As humans, we are naturally curious and inquisitive, and we are always searching for that little something more. But to what extent?

What is it about unanswered questions that eats us up so badly that we turn to everything and anything in order to get peace, if that is the end result.

We hold the question so we are each in control of that question, but once you put it out there to be answered, it then becomes the others parties control as to how they choose to answer it. Our own intuition is never enough for our needs, but when it comes to giving sought after advice to friends and family, we suddenly become the Sigmund Freud of the agony industry. Yet we never take our own advice, no matter how good we give it out to others.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and still, to this day, we seek their answers. We determine the outcome depending on our minds and the cards give us the answers. Crystals belong to the earth and hold properties to help aid various health and life woes and they are growing in popularity even more. Has the traditional sense of religion lost its appeal? And even those that still cling to the confirmation that was bestowed upon them at birth, who is to say or question the paths that others take to get answers?

Religion and faith can come in many forms, the universe is not black and white. It contains a rainbow of colours that we live in each day and we seek that out for peace of mind. I was brought up as part of a religion that we see us hiding under rocks for the rest of our lives and would turn its back on you as quick as look at you. But i found another way to get answers, i found that the world doesn’t just revolve around the superior ranking beliefs and that “the ways of the olde” have a place in this world once again.

It is not for anyone to determine what belief system is best. We are not a collective race, we are individuals that go through life looking for answers and asking questions. Do these answers help? Possibly, depending on the question and the source of the response. But tarot and alternative remedies are just as good as any other system. it is up to us as individuals to determine what is best for us at the time when we need it.

When people suffer loss of any degree, they look for answers. It is almost a coping mechanism to help guide them through a world of pain. Should anyone judge another on how they choose to cope with pain and fear? Wise woman from centuries past were the support for those that needed answers that their initial belief system could not provide the answers too.

We find answers in the most strangest of places and that is fine. If the answer is what you seek and it satisfies your need, then well done to you for going for it. Sometimes, we may say we want answers, but when faced with the choice of achieving the answer, not everyone can go through with it. Some find that they need the feel of wanting it more than achieving it. Is the fight what keeps us going?

Take a moment and really be honest with yourself; think of that burning question that pops up when you are at your lowest mood and the emotions take over. Its the question that you always try to put to the back of your mind but has a way of showing up when you least expect it. Take that question and bring it to the fore-front of your mind and ask the question out loud, to yourself. Then ask yourself “will the answer be enough?”. Not “if” you want it answered, as we all will say yes to that. But if you get the answer, will it be enough? Will it be enough to let it go and move onwards or is the constant need what burns you to always want but never really need?

When people suffer heartache and loss, they are so caught up in a mixture of raw and old emotions that it almost eats them up. But they seek answers to help them understand what has happened and why. But is it ever enough to help them? At the very least, is it enough to take the edge of the pain and suffering? Memories can hold a lifetime of joy, but with that can come sadness.

We all have questions that need answered. And it doesn’t matter where you go to ask you’re questions. What matters is what you do with the answer. Only each individual has the right to question their own choices and decisions.

No matter your dilemma, you can choose to seek the answers in any form you wish to get them. But take the time to use your own inner wisdom and intuition as well. Do not rule out your own ability to heal yourself as well.


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